Ant-ic Actions

Stream of Consciousness
Listening Station
Leave to Remain
The Ant-ic Museum
Empathy (Would Circle)
Sum Tyms Bytin Sum Tyms Bit
This Vibrant Turf
Be My Mother, I Said to the Trees
Looking at Bees
The Unseeables
Ask the Wild
Ant-ic Actions
Mycorrhizal Meditation
Plant Hunting
Wood to World
Rubbing in a Wood
Uncommon Chemistry
Intimate Relations
Thirteen Blackbirds
Actaeon's Second Look
Wild Word
Holes and Humps
Woodland Portrait Project
Workshops & Lectures

Ant-ic Actions is an ongoing research and moving image project by Feral Practice, working with wood ants (Formica rufa) in a Kent forest, and with garden ants (Lazius niger).

A multispecies project that seeks human-nonhuman connectivity in the forest, drawing on research into shared materiality, creativity and consciousness. Experimental sound, video and voice techniques elicit and reflect the search for depth communication between species.

Supported by Stour Valley Creative Partnership.

Link to paper presented at British Animal Studies Network conference in October 2015, on the agential and ethical questions raised by this work.