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Feral Practice is a collective led by the artist, curator and researcher Fiona MacDonald, working in co-production with a diverse network of nonhuman and human persons.

Fiona pursues an exploratory, ludic and intimate connectivity with nonhuman life, which does not set species boundaries or nature/culture divides too firmly. The focus of her work and research is to develop strategies for, and reflect on, interspecies co-productions within a visual art practice.

The term feral is used in contrast to notions of wildness/wilderness that conceive the wild in opposition to the human. Feral Practice keeps the body and imagination of the human artist clearly in the frame - the aim is not so much to become animal/plant/place but to meet with animal/plant/place through the processes and reflexivity of art.

Fiona’s practice emerges from painting and she retains a deep interest in the intimacies of touch – the rub, the interchange, the marks made. Her current research focuses on scientific, artistic and more esoteric methods of interspecies communication.

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