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Meetings with woodland: art, foraging, herbalism, animals, folklore, philosophy, interspecies communication


ASK THE WOOD Tuesday 16 May 2017

British artist Marcus Coates, together with an esteemed panel of naturalists – including forest scientist Gabriel Hemery, mycologist Irene Palmer and plant folklorist Roy Vickery - invite the audience to bring deep-rooted personal questions and thorny problems to be deliberated and fathomed via the wisdom of the woods.

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Wood to World exhibition | 13 October – 11 November 2016
Kaleidoscope Gallery, Buckhurst Lane, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 1LQ

The Woodland World | Sat 29 October 11am-5pm |
A day of exploration into woodland led by Fiona MacDonald, with tree specialist Glenn Morris, medical herbalist Molly Maitland and artist Anna Chrystal Stevens.

How Do We Relate to Nature? | Thurs 10 November 6.15pm| Kaleidoscope Gallery
A discussion event with Andrew Wilmore of Kent Wildlife Trust, Stuart Jeffery, Chair of Kent Greens and Caroline Watts, Forest Kindergaten.

Visit the project blog at  Wood to World.