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MYCORRHIZAL MEDITATION: new commission for Are We All Addicts Now? at Furtherfield Gallery.

16 September - 12 November

MYCORRHIZAL EVENT: Saturday 21 October

I'm delighted to have collaborated on AWAAN? over the last two years with Katriona Beales and others, initially as curator, more recently also as artist, presenting my first sound art work: Mycorrhizal Meditation, and a photographic work on the outside of the gallery.

Mm is delivered as a free download, accessed via posters in the gallery and across Finsbury Park. Mm incorporates a spoken-word guided meditation that choreographs a connective journey through the human body and down into a dynamic, semiotic underworld of living soil and mycorrhizal network, with sound recordings made in wooded places.

AWAAN? addresses the sensual and tactile conditions of life lived online: the saturated colour and meditative allure of glowing screens, the addictive potential of infinite scroll and notification streams. Katriona Beales re-imagines the private spaces in which we play out our digital existence through her seductive and troubling installations.

Feral Practice presents


Tuesday 16 May 6.30-9pm
South London Botanical Institute

British artist Marcus Coates, together with an esteemed panel of naturalists – including forest scientist Gabriel Hemery, mycologist Irene Palmer and plant folklorist Roy Vickery - invite the audience to bring deep-rooted personal questions and thorny problems to be deliberated and fathomed via the wisdom of the woods.

Subverting a ‘Gardeners Question Time’ format, Ask the Wood will look at strategies and relationships that have evolved between species in woodlands that could provide new frameworks for approaching questions concerned with human society (e.g. How can I avoid conflicts with my difficult neighbour?).





Foxing at PEER is now completed, however there is an article coming out soon in The Learned Pig Journal.

Foxing was commissioned by PEER as part of 4 Seasons - Winter.

Night of Foxing: Wednesday 8 February 6.30-9pm (please book through PEER)

In the gallery: 8-11 February 12-6pm 2017

In the cabinet: 6 January - 17 March 2017


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